6 Tips to Master LinkedIn Lead Generation in 2022⭐

Explore LinkedIn's most powerful tools for quality leads generation. This professional social network is essential for your sales growth.

In 2022, LinkedIn is absolutely essential for the sales activities of most businesses. There are still a lot of companies, including your competitors, who are not aware of all the opportunities LinkedIn offers. Explore its power in quality lead generation. Here are a few tips to help you create brand new strategies to generate high-quality leads.

You might have not known that, but the LinkedIn audience has twice the buying power of the average web visitors. LinkedIn offers a bunch of lead generating tools that we are going to reveal to you.

Let’s step up your lead game!

“LinkedIn is one of the most valuable channels for qualified leads. We can access the broadest possible community of professionals, and target them with precision—something we can't do on other social platforms.”

(Chris Bolman, Director of Growth, Percolate)

1. Create a powerful LinkedIn Page for your business

Before you get into attracting leads, make sure that your LinkedIn page is all set and done. “Pages with complete information get 30 % more weekly views and are more likely to be found when members search on LinkedIn.“ Optimize your page and post consistent and relevant content regularly, because LinkedIn page is the “first impression“ you make on your leads and we all know how important that is. So just make sure that your company's page is looking the best it can. 

2. Join relevant LinkedIn groups 

On LinkedIn, users can create groups centered around industry-relevant interests and there are two indisputable reasons why you should join these groups. Firstly, it is the place where you can find people from the same industry but also people that could turn into potential leads. Secondly, you can use groups to understand your potential leads and find their pain points. You can search for groups by name or keyword, or you can browse groups recommended for you by LinkedIn. 

💡How to search LinkedIn groups? We simply typed “Marketing automation“ into the search bar and found countless groups. It’s so easy.

linkedin groups

3. Use Sponsored Content

A great thing about sponsored content on LinkedIn is that it appears alongside content in the news feed, so it blends in and seems natural. On LinkedIn, you create ads and campaigns through an advertising platform called Campaign Manager. In the process of setting up a campaign, you are choosing an objective – action you want your audience to take upon seeing your ad. There are three main objectives: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversions

Each of these objectives are broken down into more specific goals, one of them being lead generation. So when using sponsored content, definitely remember to select the right objective.


4. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms are a great feature that removes one of the main barriers to online conversion, which makes generating leads much more effective. Usually, forms have to be filled out manually by prospects, but Lead Gen Forms ensures that when LinkedIn users click on an ad, their profile data auto-populates the form fields

💭 Except ads you can promote via direct messages too? This option is a little bit more expensive, but your content or business offer is delivered directly to the inbox of potential prospects.

  1. Start by using a CTA in your Sponsored Content (picture on the left) or Message Ads (picture on the right).
    cta linkedin
2. When LinkedIn users click on your ad, they’ll see a form that’s pre-filled with information from their LinkedIn profile, so they don't have to type anything by hand. 

linkedin lead gen

"Traditional landing pages take people away from the LinkedIn platform. Having members stay in-app with Lead Gen Forms is a seamless user experience."

(Nik Love, Global Digital Manager, IR)

💡You can find the conversion results right in your Campaign Manager or integrate LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms with third-party CRMs like HubSpot.

5. Matched Audiences

Matched Audiences is a set of targeting options to combine your business data with LinkedIn’s professional data to help you find your ideal audience. With LinkedIn's Matched Audiences, you can focus on these specifics: 

  • Company Targeting allows you to upload a list of companies you'd like to target. LinkedIn will then try to match your supplied names to Company Pages on the platform and build an audience targeted to them. 
  • Contact Targeting means you can upload your customer email list or set up an integration with supported partners like HubSpot, which will automatically import your list to LinkedIn.
  • Retargeting enables you to create audiences based on previous users' visits on websites, video ads, or Lead Gen Forms.
  • Lookalike Targeting helps you find new audiences similar to already existing ones. This option is the famous “Lookalike” known from Facebook ad campaigns. 

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid sales management tool, but definitely worth it. Sales Navigator provides advanced lead and company search and customized lead recommendations, making lead generation easier than ever. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose from three plans:

  • Core
  • Advanced 
  • Advanced Plus

linkedin sales navigator 

Sales Navigator offers many powerful and useful features, one of them being prioritization and qualification, accessible to all plans. This feature will show you noteworthy results via Sales Spotlights, highlighting individuals who have recently changed jobs, share common experiences with you, or have posted new content recently.

In a nutshell

LinkedIn offers powerful tools that you can use to generate leads in no time – Lead Gen Forms, Sponsored content, LinkedIn Groups, or Matched Audiences. But before pumping new budgets into the platform, make sure your LinkedIn page is fresh and creates the perfect first impression on your potential leads. Start from the basics and then continuously start exploring the advanced LinkedIn features. 

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