HubSpot Team Email Integration is a Powerful Tool ⭐

Haven’t you heard about team email? Oh boy, this HubSpot feature is such a useful tool for collaboration that you MUST start using it right now!

Team Email Integration – one of HubSpot’s best features

Every single person that ever worked in marketing or sales knows that mess when multiple people are using the same mailbox. There are only two outcomes – no one answers to any customer or everyone answers to all customers. Either way, it creates a really bad image of your company. The fix is so easy though. Start using the HubSpot Team Email feature and bring order and peace to your collaboration.

What’s the HubSpot Team Email?

A very useful feature when you need a team of people to answer messages from a central mailbox such as,, and similar. You can for example enable whole teams to effectively divide all incoming messages under one email alias – follow up on all the leads, answer all the support tasks, etc. With a laser focus on your dedicated conversations, but still with a bird’s eye view into the shared mailbox. 

Your teams will enjoy complete transparency of every email interaction and never have to guess whether someone has followed up already or how they responded.

How to integrate the Team Email to HubSpot?

The whole integration is a piece of cake, you can start using it right now in your free HubSpot CRM Service Hub. All you need are 4 lightning-fast steps:

  1. Open your HubSpot CRM (inside your HS account)
  2. In the left pane select Settings > Tools > Inboxes > Inbox

team email

  1. Click Connect a channel and choose Team Email

team email integration hubspot

  1. Choose Yes, this is a shared account, and follow the process that helps you connect your mailbox

team email

The straightforward dialog will help you add your Gmail, Office 365, or any hosted mailboxes to your HubSpot CRM without hustling.

💡Team email will share all the emails sent to it with your entire team, so do not connect an email account that you use to send personal emails! 

💭 What information is logged in the CRM? The HubSpot CRM stores your contact’s email address, name, subject line, and body text so that the email you try to log or a received reply can be displayed as part of the contact record in the CRM. The email is stored and displayed just as if you had BCC’d or forwarded that email to the CRM.

💭 Are attachments saved too? Attachments sent outside of the CRM will be stored in the Attachments section in the contact record.

Why is Team Email so useful?

It is an instant way to increase the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, or customer support teams. It brings transparency into the messy ecosystem of replies and forwards because HubSpot CRM helps users focus on their conversations and limit the probability of sticking their noses into someone else’s business by accident.

Plus, using Team Email also offers you an opportunity to automate your processes with Routing rules. They are so cool:

  • Assign conversation to the right person on the team
  • Add tags automatically or escalate tickets
  • Built-in analytics about the team performance

How to automate processes with Routing rules?

Ensure that incoming emails will always get into the hands of the most relevant person on your team. Or go the other way around and distribute the incoming messages evenly among the whole crew. Also, create Notes, Tags, and Actions never to be late on follow-up.

💡Routing rules can use only users with a paid seat in Sales or Service hubs. Without it, they can’t create new rules or be targeted by existing ones.

Example of Setting up Routing rules

  1. Routing rules can be set for 3 main channels:
    1. To edit your chatflow with live chat's routing rules, navigate to the chatflow's Build tab
    2. To edit your team email channel's routing rules, navigate to the team email channel settings in your inbox
    3. To edit your connected form's routing rules, navigate to the form's channel settings in your inbox
  2. Switch on Automatically assign conversations feature
  3. Click the Assign To dropdown menu and choose the option that suits you the best
  4. Click Save

💡 You can even assign chatflows with bots. Check how to set up Send to team member bot.

Speeding up communication with Team Email

Accelerate the process of crafting messages in HubSpot CRM with the assistance of Team Email. You can write the answers in line with the entire customer’s history, so you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Here are the main tools you can use to put paddle to the metal:

  • Full context about the customer or the case
  • Templates ready-to-use for the whole team
  • Easy message personalization based on customer’s history
  • Range of other productivity tools like canned responses, sequences, documents, etc.

In a nutshell

Team Email is a great tool when you have a team answering all messages coming to one central mailbox. You can find everyday use cases for this feature in most customer care centers or support and sales teams; they can all benefit from integrating Team Email to the HubSpot CRM. In a few clicks, you enable the team to effectively and automatically assign conversations to the responsible persons, using the power of advanced HubSpot performance tools like Routing rules, Templates, or Sequences.

Save time while crafting the messages to your customers with all their history right at your fingertips and try Team Email Today.

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