How To Choose the Right Subdomain ⭐

Subdomain can not only help you organize your website – they can also give it an added value and differentiate you from your competition.

How To Choose the Right Subdomain?

Subdomains are mainly great for organizing your website. What’s more, by using subdomains you can make individual sections of your website interesting and more attractive for new visitors. Want to know more? Let's dive into it.

Difference between domain name and subdomain

A domain name can be divided into two parts – a top-level domain (TLD), an extension, such as “.com“ or “.org“ and a second-level domain (SLD), a unique part of the domain name, often a business or brand name. And then there is a subdomain the part before SLD.


All about subdomains

A subdomain is a piece of additional information added before the website’s domain name. It allows websites to organize content for a specific function such as a blog or an online store, and differentiate it from the rest of your website.

The most common subdomain is “www“, the World Wide Web. But why use “www“ when you can challenge yourself and be a bit more creative. Not only will your website be different, but it will also appear more interesting to your website visitors

Here you can see some examples of subdomains:


4 reasons to use subdomains

1. Subdomains work great if you want to have a better-organized website. You can create different subdomains for your blog, eshop, job offers, etc. 

2. Another great way to use subdomains is for international sales. You can create location-specific subdomains that refer to the abbreviation for the area (e.g. country). So for visitors from the Czech Republic, you might create ““ and for visitors from the United Kingdom, you could use ““. Below you can see how Wikipedia uses this type of subdomain. 


Source: HubSpot

3. Use subdomains to differentiate yourself from your competition and to captivate your website visitors – instead of having the same subdomains as everyone else, try to come up with something different and interesting.

4. Subdomains can help you leverage your SEO. Using subdomains you offer a better user experience to your website visitors, so you are likely to appear higher on SERP. And how exactly do you create that better user experience? Firstly, subdomains help you organize your website content, so you make it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Secondly, using subdomains you can create mobile-friendly versions of your website that are highly prioritized by Google


💭How can you tell if your website is mobile-friendly? Just take Google's mobile-friendly test.

💡Jump here and read how to create a subdomain.


Tips to choose the right subdomain

1. Be creative✍️
This one is for your copywriters. This is the time when they can use their creativity and come up with a subdomain that will not only be effective but will also have an added value.

Here are some of our ideas to get your fantasy going:

  • instead of just a blog 
  • instead of
  • as a landing page, where customers can get to know your product, service, or company
  • as a page, where customers can meet your company and your team or schedule a meeting with you
  • instead of address like

Imagine that you are looking for a subdomain for your blog and obviously, the first word that will come to your mind will be But instead of using the same subdomain as everyone else, think about what you are putting on your blog, what is it about – just brainstorm and you will see.

2. Keep it short and clear
Even though we love creativity, sometimes it's better to keep things straightforward. So yes be creative, but don't overdo it – go for a clear, shorter but still a bit spicy subdomain.


In a nutshell

A subdomain is a piece of additional information added to the beginning of a website’s domain name. It allows websites to separate and organize content for a specific function. The most common subdomain is “www“, but you can challenge your copywriters and be creative – you will differentiate yourself from your competition, and moreover you will captivate your website visitors. In addition, subdomains can also help you leverage your SEO or they can work great if you are focused on international sales.


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Sources: HubSpot

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